It’s great to see an intervention where there is such good evidence of effectiveness…

Helen Price, Lead Commissioner for Families, Gloucestershire County Council

All of our results at Centred Horseplay are fed back to TheHorseCourse which is held up as an exemplar in its approach to evidencing the outcomes of our work.

Below is a sample of our papers and studies to date:


A Study Exploring the Implementation of an Equine Assisted Intervention for Young People with Mental Health and Behavioural Issues 2019

Hemingway, A. J 2019, 2(2), 236-246. A feasibility study exploring the potential of TheHorseCourse reStart as an appropriate subject for a gold-standard RCT clinical study. Includes some cost benefit indicators.

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An Exploration of the Mechanism of Action of an Equine-Assisted Intervention 2019

Hemingway, A.; Carter, S.; Callaway, A.; Kavanagh, E.; Ellis, S. Animals 2019, 9, 303. A bio-physiology study investigating the emotional learning journey during TheHorseCourse ReStart, published in a high impact international journal.

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A Feasibility Study of an Equine Assisted Intervention for Children and Young People with Mental Health and Behavioural Challenges, 2018

Professor Ann Hemingway, BU – oral presentation at Horses in Education & Therapy International 2018 Congress, Dublin

  • TheHorseCourse ReStart fulfils all elements of feasibility study and is therefore suitable for an RCT
  • 95% completion rate across multiple cohorts
  • Over 70% show gains in 4 intermediate outcomes:
  1. Improved attendance and engagement with school/training/work
  2. Improved relationships
  3. Reduced problem behaviours
  4. Greater self belief

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TheHorseCourse Youth Outcomes, 2015

  • 33% average improvement in managing anxiety
  • 29% average gain across eight core skills: Engagement, Calmness, Assertiveness, Focus & Perseverance, Empathy,
  • Realistic Planning, Communication, Responsibility
  • 85% of participants increased attendance/engagement with education
  • 80% of referrers attribute improvements to TheHorseCourse, (55% strongly)

Produced with support from Charities Evaluation Services (part of NCVO).

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TheHorseCourse Evidence Review, working with Offenders 2015

  • Including Theory of Change and Contribution Analysis
  • 27 % points reduction in reoffending
  • £8.30 return per £1 spent in prisons

Written in collaboration with New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) & CLINKS. Peer reviewed by the Correctional Services Accreditation & Advisory Panel (CSAAP), Ministry of Justice.

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